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{Beauty} life + love multiply

This beautiful couple is expecting twins in a few short months so we decided to take this opportunity to photograph her beautiful growing belly in the beauty of a summer afternoon.

{baby sister is here!} newborn photography . calistoga

{sunset in the vines} napa valley . lifestyle family photography

It is always an honor to be contacted by another professional photographer to shoot their images so I was thrilled when Kendra let me know that she was traveling from the East Coast & would like to incorporate some photos into their family vacation. We spent a lovely evening (albeit a bit buggy) letting her son wander & discover.  This little one cracked me up – he has a sense of humor that would put most adults to shame & he kept me smiling the entire shoot. It won’t be long until the next little one joins her big brother running through the vines. I will be sure to save some dirtballs for you little guy! xo

If you are local to NJ- be sure to check out Kendra’s beautiful work:

{baby ashlyn}

welcome to the world. we are so glad you are here!

big brother liam:

big sister Kalin:

{a touching thank you…children’s portrait session. napa valley}

I often get wonderful ‘thank you’s after weddings or portrait sessions but this one was especially touching! I thought that I may share her story. But first…the images.  *Click here for slideshow * Please read the story below after viewing her delightful smile! Hopefully it will give any parent struggling with a preemie  a bit of hope!

Hi Briana -These totally made me CRY!!! You really captured the spirit of my daughter…I have a hard time doing that – she’s so funny, but her moments are so fleeting. THANK YOU for such an amazing job! 2.2 lbs

I had to share the attached pics with you so that you know why I am so moved by your art. Arianna was born at 27 weeks and weighed 2.2 pounds at birth. She was what they call a micro-preemie. She lived in a neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) for 3 months before we could take her home and nearly died many many times during her stay at the hospital – sometimes when I was just holding her outside of her isolette. We were told to brace ourselves for the worst as she had lung disease & scarring of her lung tissue (due to prematurity) and would periodically go into respiratory failure, may have neurological disorders and will probably experience some degree of disability (physical, emotional, behavioral) for the rest of her life.

She was my miracle in so many different ways – as you can see from recently photographing her, she is a healthy, happy and perfectly “normal” kid. Thank you so much for capturing these shots of her. I know that as a photographer you’ve probably seen/photographed a million cute kids over the years – I just wanted you to know how your art really touches people and what a special gift you have.

Thank you! I am looking forward to working with you again in the near future!

{that’s what its all about}

I recently had a wonderful chat with a bride’s mom that I wanted to share. It went something like this.

Mom: I can tell you really love your work! It really shows in all of the love you put into your photos.

Me: *blushing* Yes…it is joyful work and although I work hard…I love what I do!

Mom: Hmmm…and what a joy it must be…your life’s work is too make people smile.

Me: *smiling* yes…and that’s what its all about!

She summed it up perfectly. My ‘work’ is to document joy. Capture smiles. & return those stolen moments to bring yet another smile. love it!

Oh…and did you meet my new assistant? He’s still learning how to properly expose in difficult backlite situations…but heh…he’s only 3! Trevor ( my youngest)t

And Brandon ( age 6 .) has a new trademark…just like his mama…freckles! So adorable on him!  Here he is being shy about a new tooth coming in!


{Dawn,Toby & Baby Lexi}

Toby & Dawn have welcomed a beautiful little baby girl into their lives…congratulations! 


foreman-63But first…let us rewind a bit…

Dawn was a the epitomy of the radiating pregnant woman…she looked georgeous! I am always honored when a woman wants me to photograph this amazing time in her life .


and then there were three… welcome to the world baby Lexiforeman-65




{Baby Corinna & Big Sisters . Napa Valley}


snuggly little one… only 1 week oldcorinna-3-copybig sister adores hercorinna-37beauty obviously runs in the family…Grandma gets a smile from Corinnacorinna-691corinna-101

a budding photographer…


she even help me set up the following shot:corinna-272corinna-41

{say yes…}

happy valentines day.

To those lucky ones that were given a ring on this day.  To the cynics in the world . To those who are gathering grey together. To the mothers of the world.  There’s just one thing… _mg_9413_sm

Say yes to love. Say yes to hope . Say yes to finding the good . Say yes to kindness . say yes to life!

Dip your toes in that cold  water…it feels good!

{Oh So Fabulous}

Tami Romero of Romero Designs will be taking my photos to a whole new world in 2009…beautiful individual hand-crafted custom jewelry! Check out her site to see sample work and let me know which image you like to preserve for tomorrow. Show off your beautiful children or give a token of love to your beau this Valentines day!

Jayme & baby on the way…

Jayme was radiating beauty…one of those women who are enjoying the beautiful process of being pregnant. She simply glowed!

old skool…soft & oh so sweet

Yes, I’m a digital photographer. And, No…I don’t want to get into the film vs. digital debate. But being primarily digital shooter doesn’t mean I don’t love some of the grainy, soft focus images of yesterday. 





 Lily’s whispering some good love to the little one.




I love these shots! Thank you Sarah & Lily for inspiring me to do some creative work with your beautiful images.

Have I said it again lately?…i love my job!