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{that’s what its all about}

I recently had a wonderful chat with a bride’s mom that I wanted to share. It went something like this.

Mom: I can tell you really love your work! It really shows in all of the love you put into your photos.

Me: *blushing* Yes…it is joyful work and although I work hard…I love what I do!

Mom: Hmmm…and what a joy it must be…your life’s work is too make people smile.

Me: *smiling* yes…and that’s what its all about!

She summed it up perfectly. My ‘work’ is to document joy. Capture smiles. & return those stolen moments to bring yet another smile. love it!

Oh…and did you meet my new assistant? He’s still learning how to properly expose in difficult backlite situations…but heh…he’s only 3! Trevor ( my youngest)t

And Brandon ( age 6 .) has a new trademark…just like his mama…freckles! So adorable on him!  Here he is being shy about a new tooth coming in!


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