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{ Istanbul . Turkey } captivating sights + rich culture

As many of you know I have renewed my secret love affair with film and this trip was the perfect opportunity to flirt a little. Istanbul was an amazing city; a rich history &  the current culture blend chaotically yet poetically. Here’s just a glimpse of the result.

Most images shot on Contax . Fuji 400


{quiet spring morning} Napa Valley Landscape + Vineyard Photography

I love walking the vines after a good rain. The rich soil satiated, now bursting with green. The tiny buds pushing out to greet the sun, The birds… swooping, singing & greeting the new season.

{Wine is bottled poetry – Robert Louis Stevenson} Commercial Product Photography . Napa Valley

A local client asked me today if I ever shoot bottle shots. Yes. quite often. It is not an area that I advertise nor talk about much, but I do enjoy some quiet studio time at times.  I appreciate all of the art that goes into making an amazing bottle of wine and I try to convey the client’s story with my images.  Here some of this last year’s work.

{iron chef morimoto} auction week | napa valley 2011

It was a memorable Auction week this year with bids being raised higher than ever and rain falling down, a first ever! Auction Napa Valley is the most successful charity wine auction in the world and to date has given over 100 million to scores of non-profit programs.  Every year I am fortunate enough to be able to photograph one of the memorable aspects of auction week and this year it was Iron Chef Morimoto.

The first night held at Garguilo Vineyards, Morimoto & his spectacular team prepared a nine course dinner that left guests speechless. Here are a few of the images from the two spectacular events. Saturday morning, that same group got to learn sushi making skills from the master himself at his new restaurant in Napa.

{ italy }

“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.” –Anna Akhmatova

In between & during the corporate shoot, images of wanderings, stories & the soul of Italy…

For a complete escape to Italy- visit the show 

For a complete escape to Italy- visit the show

{all terrain wine transport} lifestyle commercial shoot |clif family wines

Light streaming through the trees, laughter filling the air, & the sweet aroma of roasting s’mores teases the senses. It may sound like a typical day at base camp but this idyllic scene was carefully crafted to introduce you to the newest addition to your outdoor gear list. Clif Family’s Climber Pouch is an environmentally friendly way to bring their tasty juice on any adventure.

Here are some of the images that we created on this beautiful evening:

Gary of Clif Bar / Clif Bar Family Wines stopped by on his ride to check out our shoot & check out the Climber pouch on his bike.

{babydoll sheep arrive} calistoga ranch

Calistoga Ranch is fortunate enough to have these little ones visiting & grazing for five weeks. These guys are too cute for words!

{textures of earth, vine & growth}

{bold colors . cool breezes . authentic photography} book now

{94574 brand} editorial style commercial photography

94574 is a hot new local brand that I was fortunate to photograph recently.  Their site is not live yet but you can find this tasty wine at Sunshine Food & Auberge! Enjoy…the wine & the images!

{94574 . commercial photography . napa valley family wine business}

Two dynamic families have joined to form a new business venture: 94574.We headed out a gorgeous winter day to photograph their families for the website. Soon we’ll be photographing the rest and I’ll post the site as soon as it is up.

{the outakes} Candice Cameron & Valeri Bure’s Family Photos

After the recent fun of the celebrity People magazine spread, I thought I’d share some more images from our photoshoot. Enjoy the outakes & visit to enjoy the vino!  people_spread



{sharing the good stuff…like:

kindness,  real experiences & some quality Clark-Claudon Cabernet !

I’m always so proud of my family when things like this come out…

Clark Claudon on Wine Expedition


{It is a great art to Saunter}


I am so pleased to announce that the Saunter Wines site is live and the delicious wine is coming soon! Josh & Heather Clark  have two exciting releases coming soon…today an amazing wine and next week…fingers crossed…a baby boy!

Enjoy the images (me) & the steller design by( Suzanne Levalee) today and add your name to the list so you can enjoy the vino come fall!