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{simple truths} Natural Lifestyle Children’s Photography

Simple truths. This incredible time in your life is fleeting. The moments are vivid and the emotions are pure. There is nothing like it and once it is gone you will have these. Images. Images of the simple life that once was. When they were babes and you shared little moments. Moments like these. mahon

{ olsen family } calistoga . ca

One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer is getting to know and becoming friends with my clients. You may remember this beautiful wedding from a couple of years ago: Since then we’ve kept in touch and I was thrilled to hear that they would be visiting this summer. Since I last saw them, they’ve welcomed another beautiful addition to their family! Our families enjoyed a lovely summer evening and we captured some of these images.


{choo choos, dancing + tickles} family + children’s photography

It’s all we need to bring out some smiles? (Choo Choos, dancing and some tickles…right?) It made me smile! I love getting to know new families and discovering their children’s amazing little personalities. It’s such a treat to photograph  as they grow. Meeting these happy faces for the first time is always special…as if I am writing the first pages of their story…

{summer days} family + children photography . st. helena

I love it when children start out just a bit shy and within no time they are giggling and having fun. It’s those time when the best photos are taken – authentic, sweet, silly and joyous! Thank you for giving me the gift of being the one who gets to witness & document these fleeting moments!

{Oh boy} children + family photography

You may remember this beautiful family when they were patiently waiting for this little one to arrive! ‘Moments of Three’

And now he has arrived! A beautiful little boy with stunning blue eyes, a cheerful smile and an adoring big sister. These are the days…

{baby sister is here!} newborn photography . calistoga

{someone is a big sister! } newborn & children photography . napa

I first met this beautiful family when their daughter was born. Now, she is a joyful big sister ready to be a helper when she is not dancing and modeling mom’s shoes! I could seriously photograph her all day. Her spunk and joy are just too fun!  But her new little brother is giving the camera a bit of competition with those dark soulful eyes and sweet little cheeks! How fun are these early days!?

{life before chase} Newborn Photography . Napa Valley

Just a couple of months ago this amazing little guy came into the world. What was life like before his sweet smile, wiggley toes and warm snuggles? I am pretty sure that these two beautiful parents have no idea!


{Winter Sunshine} Natural Lifestyle Family Portraits

Meet this beautiful family. We met the sunrise on a gorgeous winter morning and discovered a  few things.  Chilly winter mornings cause serious runny noses. Pulling wagons bring out big smiles. Trampolines make everyone happy. And this family loves each other very much.  Oh…and I love my job. I discover that last one each and every time I go out and shoot.


{sweet mornings} Family Photography . Napa

It was such a warm & lovely morning spent photographing this beautiful family! I couldn’t get enough of that sweet pooch’s wrinkles or little boy giggles and always a compliment when a photographer as talented as this momma asks me to document her family. enjoy.

{warmth, light & love} children’s photography . st. helena

On this beautiful fall afternoon we had all of the parts to make beautiful images – beautiful light, warmth of spirit & lots of love. These two girls had me smiling from the moment we met. Thank you for sharing your joy with me!

On this beautiful fall afternoon we had all of the parts to make beautiful images – beautiful light, warmth of spirit & lots of love. These two girls had me smiling from the moment we met. Thank you for sharing your warm spirit with me!


{shy smiles } Children & Family Photography . Napa Valley

It seems only yesterday when I photographed a beautiful wedding  between the parents of this little one. Now, I smile at the sight of this sweet couple with their little boy. Eager to explore with his shy smile, he is a delight!

{life flows on} family photography . napa

Such a privileged to watch my wedding clients become families – adding just a bit more joy to the world.  This beautiful momma was one of my brides just two years ago. That day her sister stood by her side and now they will embrace the joys of parenthood together!

{afternoon joys} lifestyle family portraits . yountville


These two adorable children are always such a joy! I was cracking up when little L was trying to out pose his big sister and when she boldly marched through tall grasses to be the first to the river. (Don’t let her sweet face fool you – she is one competent adventuresome little girl..that’s my kind of client!) We enjoyed an absolutely beautiful Napa Valley evening & explored to find some great locations. Our fantastic shoot was completed by dinner with both our families such a delight!