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{simple truths} Natural Lifestyle Children’s Photography

Simple truths. This incredible time in your life is fleeting. The moments are vivid and the emotions are pure. There is nothing like it and once it is gone you will have these. Images. Images of the simple life that once was. When they were babes and you shared little moments. Moments like these. mahon

{Winter Sunshine} Natural Lifestyle Family Portraits

Meet this beautiful family. We met the sunrise on a gorgeous winter morning and discovered a  few things.  Chilly winter mornings cause serious runny noses. Pulling wagons bring out big smiles. Trampolines make everyone happy. And this family loves each other very much.  Oh…and I love my job. I discover that last one each and every time I go out and shoot.


{ocean breezes} lifestyle family portraits . san francisco

Combine a beautiful summer evening with ocean breezes, cool waves & sand between the toes and you are bound to have happy little ones. (I think the adults were pretty happy as well!) I’ve been photographing this family since the youngest was merely a bump in his mommy’s tummy and now he shares in his sister’s wonder & is constantly discovering his world. Little Lily was experiencing one of life’s little joys of running into the cool water and dancing in delight! My favorite moment was the cuddles they gave each other…always makes me melt! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with me each year…how lovely you are!

{ocean breezes} San Francisco . CA

more to come of this beautiful family at Baker beach…but for today, just a few of this adorable little one playing in the ocean breezes & waves

{baby johnny} newborn lifestyle portraits . napa

it’s always a joy to watch some of the amazing women in my life become mothers. this fine mama is no exception. little johhny is a delight & this babe is one lucky little man….surrounded by so much love! just look at his how his parent’s look at him!

{3 reasons to smile} napa valley children’s photography

{for the love of friends} sneek peek

These three families have been friends for years and their children have grown up together like siblings. It is always such a pleasure for me to work with them… here’s a sneek peek of each of their beautiful children. 

{baby winston…sneak peek} st. helena children’s photography

more to come of this adorable little guy but as I was editing, these few caught my eye…

{springtime joy: andrea, ross & ella}

It has been a joy for me to watch Ella grow. My first shoot, early in my career was when she was just an infant. We shared an afternoon playing in the tall grass, finding catepillars, wagon riding & tree climbing.  With beautiful afternoon light gracing these images…I tried to capture this quiet afternoon and this little girls’ wonder. 










Thank you Andrea & Ross for sharing you joy with me! 


Enjoy the beautiful weekend everyone…and just to tie you over…here’s one of my little niece… more to come soon.clarks_-70

Peek-a-Boo Josephine!

Justin 9.6.08

Justin…first year in Kindergarten…brand new running shoes…and a smile that is  definitley contagious. Thanks for sharing your positive energy & a good game of tag! You’re it Justin!