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{ a week to remember } mexico . wedding photography

putting down roots. giving time and space to grow

Here is the first of a few posts from my time in Mexico. ( All images Contax 645 | Fuji 400H Pro | Richard Photo Lab)

Mexico Fine Art Film Wedding Photography


As this season winds to a close I celebrated by fifth year photographing weddings. It has been an incredible five years full of discovery, excitement, hard work and bliss! I know that I am doing the right thing when I still wake up excited to go to work and leave a shoot with more energy than I started with. Simply put, photography excites me! I celebrated my 5th year anniversary by giving something back to myself- a photography workshop… A Jose Villa Mexico Workshop! But it was much more than simply photography- I walked away re-inspired and motivated to push my art to the next level. I am taking a step back to strengthen my roots by shooting all film( Yes..actual FILM!)  and giving myself space to reach and grow.

I am incredibly grateful for all of the speakers and sponsors who gave so generously of time, talent and experience:

Workshop: Jose Villa Workshop:
Design and Styling: Lisa Vorce –
Design, Styling, Floral and Cake: Mindy Rice –
Cinematographer: Joel Serrato –
Painter and Inspirational Speaker: Karina Puente –
Hair and Make up: Mar of Team Hair and Makeup –
Models: Citro Modelos and Amy and Erich Mcvey –
Gown: Claire Pettibone –
Styling: Mitra Hosseini  –
Workshop Assistants: Lacie Hansen and Nancy Villa
Location: Hacienda El Carmen –
Table Linens: La Tavola Linens –
Tabletop Glassware, Plates and Utensils: Casa de Perrin –
Paper: Wiley Valentine Paper:
Invite: Papel Paper and Press:
Calligraphy: Purabelle Calligraphy:
Calligraphy for welcome cards: Chelsea Petaja and Julie Song Ink : and

Guest Speakers:
Lisa Vorce
Joel Serrato
Abby Larson
Mar of Team
Karina Puente
Brian and Angela of Richard Photo Lab
Shira Savada

Richard Photo Lab
Cypress Albums
Michael Chinn Albums and Boxes
Velet Raptor
Fuji Film
Ryan Malmberg of Finch Designs
Style Me Pretty

{mindi + chris are married} st. helena wedding photography

From our first phone call, I knew I was going to love this couple! Mindi shared the details of the day adding that they definitely valued photography and wanted me to sneak them away for a quick sunset photo shoot in the valley! Yes please! It was magical light & we were honored with a  spontaneous visit from a vintage bike &  beautiful horses.

Mindi’s comment at the end of the session summed it up for me, ” This is just perfect – exactly like I imagined it!” Thanks for sharing your day with me Mindi & Chris!!

©  2011 briana marie photographyimages not to be used without prior permission . thank you

©  2011 briana marie photography

images not to be used without prior permission . thank you

Flowers: Tesoro

Catering: Knickerbockers

Hair/Make-up: It’s a Date at the Powder Room

Music: Eloquence Strings

{baby quinn} newborn portraits . napa . ca

This little one just couldn’t wait to see the world! Her mom & I had scheduled last minute maternity photos but she decided to make her presence known before I had a chance to photograph her momma’s belly. So, we decided to photograph this beautiful little one instead. (Ironically, her big sister came hours after our maternity shoot two years ago…I should have known! )

I couldn’t  get enough of her big blue eyes, adorable pudge & slender little toes! Once she slept her mom and I coo’d at her little grunts & pursed lips. What a doll! Congrats Mom, Dad and big sisters Tate & Luca!!

{are you a “WEDDING” photographer} Q&A + myths debunked

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some questions that I am often asked.  I’m taking some liberty with the phrasing…you get the idea.

Q: So, are you a WEDDING photographer. I see a lot of other work on your site? I’ve been told that I need a photographer that specializes in only weddings.

A: Yes, I am a wedding photographer. I am also a portrait photographer, a travel photographer, an event photographer and I work for non-profits in developing countries. I freelance in commercial photography and play with vintage cameras, Polaroids & Holgas. I also shoot & sell stock photography. I am always confused by this question because if i answer yes, I only shoot weddings, does that make me a better wedding photographer? I find that my global experience with a myriad of personalities, lighting situations, subjects and environments has given me an immense set of ‘tricks & tools’ in my bag to draw from.  For example, after years of photographing children in natural situations, I’m confident that I can help that little ring bearer feel comfortable and smile naturally. I can also photograph your details of your wedding as though I would photograph a beautiful fine art piece.

In addition, I know for a fact that many wedding photographers have a limit. You rarely see a wedding photographer that has been photographing for 10+ years and still loves it. (My apologies if this is you…kudos!) Keeping my subjects & environments fresh feeds my creative spirit and helps my photography remain authentic. I love what I do. I adore my clients & am genuinely excited about photographing my next project;  be it a bride, a bottle, belly or b…b… hmmm… can’t think of any more ‘b’ words… worthy cause.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Thoughts? Please leave a comment. Thanks!

{since you asked…} tips & inspiration for wedding photography

Those of us in the industry affectionately refer to this as ‘the season’…where life is a flurry of inquires for next summer, engagement shoots, pre-wedding site visits & meetings and oh yeah…weddings! It is the race that we all love to run and though harried you will see me with a smile on my face; this is where it gets fun!

During my pre-wedding chats I spend time with couples preparing the steps to make their wedding photography a success. Here are just a few things that I may highlight (Featured on CeciStyle Expert Style Tips/ Wedding Photography)

Wedding Photography Tips by Briana Marie Photography:

  1. Light, light, light: You often hear that location is everything but when it comes to photography, lighting is everything. Amazing light can transform an image from mediocre to magical. Empower your photographer to work with your wedding planner to find that light and schedule your day accordingly.
  2. Trust your choice: Undoubtedly you looked at many photographers and something about your choice spoke to you, whether it was her approach, style or presence. Once you’ve made that choice, trust her guidance and enjoy the experience. I like to plan extensively before the wedding day so that we can simply flow and follow the action on the day of…because we’ve already planned for plenty of time, great light and a reduced number of formal images. With a narrow list of staged shots, I can move freely to capture real moments throughout the day.
  3. Be authentic: Let your photographer guide you to a beautiful location with dynamic lighting and the rest will follow. One of my favorite portraits is of a couple in a sweet embrace in a vineyard row with rich backlit colors sweeping around them; in that one image their love is so apparent and it was a fleeting, tender moment. The best part is that if you look closely, there is a tangled piece of the vine tugging on her dress. If I had taken the time to fix her dress, the authenticity of the moment would have been lost and the image would be nothing like the one created.
  4. Focus on your love: Spend less time fretting about your pose and more time focused on the person you just married – your joy will show. I always tell my couples that I’ve done my job well when they look back at the images and remember every emotion of their wedding day. Kiss, embrace, laugh and enjoy each other and listen for the occasional guidance from your photographer.
  5. Details, details, details: You’ve spent months choosing textures, colors, and designs that represent you as a couple. Make sure to let your photographer know that the details are a priority to photograph. Bring your invitations, programs, rings, and any other sentimental items so the photographer can shoot them in the wedding environment. You will be so pleased you have these images that tell the rest of your wedding day story.

Thanks Ceci for featuring these tips and feel free to comment below if you have questions or other tips to pass along.

{ocean breezes} lifestyle family portraits . san francisco

Combine a beautiful summer evening with ocean breezes, cool waves & sand between the toes and you are bound to have happy little ones. (I think the adults were pretty happy as well!) I’ve been photographing this family since the youngest was merely a bump in his mommy’s tummy and now he shares in his sister’s wonder & is constantly discovering his world. Little Lily was experiencing one of life’s little joys of running into the cool water and dancing in delight! My favorite moment was the cuddles they gave each other…always makes me melt! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with me each year…how lovely you are!

{baby johnny} newborn lifestyle portraits . napa

it’s always a joy to watch some of the amazing women in my life become mothers. this fine mama is no exception. little johhny is a delight & this babe is one lucky little man….surrounded by so much love! just look at his how his parent’s look at him!

{the joy of a boy} Napa Valley Children’s Photography

This little guy gave us a lot to smile about this weekend! He was off & exploring his world & eager to share his adventures with us. Here’s a sneek peek of a few that caught my eye… enjoy!

{the girls!} st.helena . children’s photography

Spending time with these girls is always a delight…can they get any cuter?!?!

*** View the complete Slideshow ***


*** View the complete Slideshow ***

{the outakes} Candice Cameron & Valeri Bure’s Family Photos

After the recent fun of the celebrity People magazine spread, I thought I’d share some more images from our photoshoot. Enjoy the outakes & visit to enjoy the vino!  people_spread



{ammons family} . meadowood . napa valley reserve . st. helena

What a delightful family! We have the pleasure of wandering the grounds of Meadowood & Napa Valley Reserve enjoying the fruits of Napa Valley. Finally we headed out to a golden meadow to catch the last of the gorgeous light on a particularly beautiful Napa Valley evening. Images like these just make me smile…I hope you do too!

{view complete slideshow! }

Ammons_-7 Ammons_-27 Ammons_-39 Ammons_-63 Ammons_-111 Ammons_-132 Ammons_-144 Ammons_-103 Ammons_-150 Ammons_-155 Ammons_-218 Ammons_-222 Ammons_-238 Ammons_-266 Ammons_-277 Ammons_-282 Ammons_-264

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{Susie & Chad . Sonoma}

Susie & Chad are hilarious! Ok…had to get that out! These two and their friends kept us on our toes all day. When Susie told me that there was 26 people in their wedding party, my first thought was…”oh boy…high maintenance”. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Susie and Chad were cool as  cucumbers and once I met all 26 of them I could honestly understand…Susie and Chad HAD to be surrounded by these people. They were all so fun and a made the day what it was!

Oh…and did I mention that is was around 105 degrees that day. Didn’t cool the fun at this wedding one bit! Oh, and don’t ask about the toilets…it was Brian’s idea. Now, seriously…how many of you have matching toilet pics in YOUR wedding album!?

****View the SLIDESHOW…Turn up your Volume!******

The Fantastic Crew:
Coordinator : Jennifer Bowman-Waterman / Caterer: Melons / DJ: DF Fox / Florist: Paloma Bowman

“Chad is cool…”Susie&Chad_-34

“Susie is beautiful…”Susie&Chad_-155 Susie&Chad_-64 Susie&Chad_-87 Susie&Chad_-240 Susie&Chad_-288 Susie&Chad_-543 Susie&Chad_-516


my fav of the day:Susie&Chad_-936 Susie&Chad_-934

****View the SLIDESHOW…Turn up your Volume!******

{Judy & Victor – Engagement Session . Napa Valley }


Hello Spring!  Judy & Victor found me through and I knew I was going to enjoy them from the moment we met. For their engagement session we ventured out on a gorgeous Napa Valley day! His smile was pure whenever he looked at her and she returned the innocent glance. They’re planning a beautiful wedding at Sattui at the end of May and I can’t wait…this couple is super down to earth & a pleasure to be around. Enjoy!