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{Exhibit} Museo Miraflores . Guatemala City . Guatemala


I’m thrilled to learn that my images taken for Constru Casa (a non-profit focusing on the housing and education needs of Guatemalans in need)  will be used in an upcoming Exhibit in Guatemala City. The proceeds will continue the good work of this amazing non-profit. For more images and information about my experience,  you can read this previous blog post: 

or visit here:

For more information about the exhibit: invitacion exposición CC 041012 or


{Building Hope} Constru Casa . Guatemala . Photo Philanthropy

Today is a good day.

As many of my followers know, we spend a month in Guatemala last spring documenting for Constru Casa (a non-profit organization offering basic housing to families living in extreme poverty.) It is a story of success and one that needs to be told. BUILDING HOPE photo essay

This week I was able to put my work into action with the photo essay appearing on the Photo Philanthropy’s website. This morning I would love for you to enjoy this site ( and look at all of the essays). Please take a look at the good work people are doing around the world and the shinning photographers that are donating their time to tell these NGO’s story.  It is a brilliant way to begin the day!
Nancy Farese, Photo Philanthropy’s founder writes, “…engaging photographers to create high quality photography to inspire people in a variety of ways. We also believe in people’s interest in knowing more, in understanding better, in seeing the story, which can then lead to action and involvement. We believe we can make a difference by bringing these communities together for social change. We are excited to be part of this new movement, existing as it does in a universe of evolving media use, changing roles for photographers, and funding challenges for non-profits. In this universe also lies compassion ignited by a powerful image, the human drive to connect with others in need, and the generous act of giving of our talents to effect social cause. This is our universe, and we intend to make a difference. We encourage you to get involved with your camera, your intellect, your support. Join our movement.”

Since I began my photography career, it has been a goal of mine to have a strong philanthropic arm to my business and today I can see that goal is one step closer to being realized. One step at a time. One photo at a time.

Enjoy my photo essay. I hope it inspires you to get involved with a cause that speaks to you.

And thank you to all of you who helped us get to Guatemala; we couldn’t have done it without you!

[breeze blows on} fall update

When I was in college many friends called be ‘Brie’, but one friend always called me ‘Breeze’. I loved the nickname because it made me feel free, light-hearted and described me well- as I was always in motion. Fast forward a few years…everything and nothing has changed. I still fancy myself free spirited, light-hearted and yes…I am always in motion.

When fall rolls around I catch myself smiling; embracing the cool mornings, crisp air, changing colors and the ever-increasing pace of life. It is always my busiest season and I must secretly admit- I do love it!

So…needless to say, the blog posts are a bit fewer and father between but here’s an update on the latest:

  • Weddings, Weddings & more weddings! Love is a joy to document…every single time.
  • Harvest- Commercial shoots for wineries telling the rich and passionate story of the vines. Love these VERY early mornings when I get to tromp through the vines, camera in hand trying to keep up with the hard-working pickers. Recently I was also hired by a wine brand to tell the story from vine to bottle A  story indeed- so excited to begin!
  • Yum!- Food Photography- My food & chef photography is expanding as I get more requests and find that I love this aspect of my business. Very excited about one current project where I will get to document the food & behind the scenes images of a local chef extraordinaire. More details coming soon…
  • Celebrations & Families- From baby’s first year, 50th wedding anniversaries, vow renewals,  cancer survival celebrations, birthdays, businesses opening and more… Can’t say I mind having the honor to capture these special moments. I even had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite clients at the family’s property in Carmel Valley, photographing them with their horses. Such a treat!
  • Local Businesses- ok, so how lucky am I that I am surrounded by a food & wine mecca?  Commercial photography runs the risk of  being boring but when you have clients like Calistoga Ranch, Clif Family Winery, Summit Lake Vineyards,  Hunnicutt, Moffett Wines, Arkenstone, St. Helena Coop, Queen of the Valley Hospital, Clark Claudon, Gott’s,… need I say more! My clients rock and that makes all the hard work worth every moment.
  • Charity –  Clinica Verde was an amazing success and I thank everyone who helped make it happen. Photo-Philanthropy grant application closes in a few short days. Putting the final touches on the application- it is such important work and I have committed myself to one large project a year. Not sure where that will take us this year…

So,thanks for your patience if I am a bit slower to respond to your calls or emails. I may be a bit crazed this time of year but if you look closely, you’ll also see a giant smile! Thank you all for your business!

New Friends in Guatemala on the last Photo Philanthropy trip.

{stories} Guatemala

Each day brings new faces & stories; so many stories. I am eager to share some soon, but you know me…more eager to share the images. I hope you enjoy. I would love to hear which image tells you a story…

{age of their heart} Guatemala

Everyone is the age of their heart.  ~Guatemalan Proverb


{and here i am} Guatemala – Constru Casa


Here I am in Guatemala – it’s been so crazy this last month fund-raising & planning for this trip that it feels surreal to finally be here with my feet planted firmly on Guatemalan soil. I am touched by the instant warm welcome we received by both the Constru Casa folks as well as each an every person we pass along our travels. Everywhere we venture out we are greeted with warm, “Buenos Dias, Buenos Tardes or a simple Hola”.

Many people gently stroke Trevor’s hair and he often receives compliments on his light hair and blue eyes. (much to his confusion).

Brandon is slowing building the confidence to speak some Spanish and yet the  language of futbol has proven to be universal. The boys carry their ball where ever they go and easily make friends as they begin playing.

We spent the first few days visiting the Constru Casa work sites, towns that they are helping & seeing the schools, women center & homes that they are hard at work building. In addition, we were invited to share in the celebration of a volunteer’s hard work & departure as well as a new women’s center open to families. The volunteers that we have met come from as far as Holland, Spain, France, London, and the United States.  In our spare time we have walked every inch of Antigua and I have enjoyed shooting the colors and flavor of the Guatemalan culture.  It all has been a joyful whirlwind and today we decided to stay home to catch our breath before an intense week of shooting, traveling & home construction.

The people we have met are warm & lovely. They take nothing for granted and make use of everything. Overall, we are humbled and inspired by their grace and ability to adapt in difficult conditions. Yesterday, Brian was floored when we saw an elderly woman carrying two large cement cinder blocks on her head and then asked someone to hand her a third…to carry down a steep slope in bare feet. I know many young fit woman who couldn’t come close to her strength. The blocks she carried were foundations of her son’s new home. Blocks that would prevent the home from sliding  down the steep hill during the next heavy rains.

I am eager to witness more of these construction projects next week & my boys are ready to assist. I can’t wait.

Many more images to come…