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[breeze blows on} fall update

When I was in college many friends called be ‘Brie’, but one friend always called me ‘Breeze’. I loved the nickname because it made me feel free, light-hearted and described me well- as I was always in motion. Fast forward a few years…everything and nothing has changed. I still fancy myself free spirited, light-hearted and yes…I am always in motion.

When fall rolls around I catch myself smiling; embracing the cool mornings, crisp air, changing colors and the ever-increasing pace of life. It is always my busiest season and I must secretly admit- I do love it!

So…needless to say, the blog posts are a bit fewer and father between but here’s an update on the latest:

  • Weddings, Weddings & more weddings! Love is a joy to document…every single time.
  • Harvest- Commercial shoots for wineries telling the rich and passionate story of the vines. Love these VERY early mornings when I get to tromp through the vines, camera in hand trying to keep up with the hard-working pickers. Recently I was also hired by a wine brand to tell the story from vine to bottle A  story indeed- so excited to begin!
  • Yum!- Food Photography- My food & chef photography is expanding as I get more requests and find that I love this aspect of my business. Very excited about one current project where I will get to document the food & behind the scenes images of a local chef extraordinaire. More details coming soon…
  • Celebrations & Families- From baby’s first year, 50th wedding anniversaries, vow renewals,  cancer survival celebrations, birthdays, businesses opening and more… Can’t say I mind having the honor to capture these special moments. I even had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite clients at the family’s property in Carmel Valley, photographing them with their horses. Such a treat!
  • Local Businesses- ok, so how lucky am I that I am surrounded by a food & wine mecca?  Commercial photography runs the risk of  being boring but when you have clients like Calistoga Ranch, Clif Family Winery, Summit Lake Vineyards,  Hunnicutt, Moffett Wines, Arkenstone, St. Helena Coop, Queen of the Valley Hospital, Clark Claudon, Gott’s,… need I say more! My clients rock and that makes all the hard work worth every moment.
  • Charity –  Clinica Verde was an amazing success and I thank everyone who helped make it happen. Photo-Philanthropy grant application closes in a few short days. Putting the final touches on the application- it is such important work and I have committed myself to one large project a year. Not sure where that will take us this year…

So,thanks for your patience if I am a bit slower to respond to your calls or emails. I may be a bit crazed this time of year but if you look closely, you’ll also see a giant smile! Thank you all for your business!

New Friends in Guatemala on the last Photo Philanthropy trip.

{sharing the good stuff…like:

kindness,  real experiences & some quality Clark-Claudon Cabernet !

I’m always so proud of my family when things like this come out…

Clark Claudon on Wine Expedition


{It is a great art to Saunter}


I am so pleased to announce that the Saunter Wines site is live and the delicious wine is coming soon! Josh & Heather Clark  have two exciting releases coming soon…today an amazing wine and next week…fingers crossed…a baby boy!

Enjoy the images (me) & the steller design by( Suzanne Levalee) today and add your name to the list so you can enjoy the vino come fall!

Clark-Claudon steps up…pairing stellar wine with generous donation.

As some of you know, another fantastic ball I juggle is my role as daughter, event coordinator, photographer & designer for my family’s wine business; Clark-Claudon. It is an ideal fit for me as I have limited knowledge of grape growing (my father’s passion) or the wine business (my mom’s expertise), but have a passion towards the family busines and the philanthropic causes that the family business is so involved in.

My brilliant mom recently had a fantastic idea of a way to support foundations that were truly making a difference. So…as a proud daughter, I had to share. Read on for more info…

And by all means…enjoy the photography AND purchase some vino while you at it.

My other life…

As some of you know, my other life is helping out with the family wine business: Clark-Claudon. My mom & I recently started a Clark-Claudon blog, where you can experience, engage & be educated on the many pieces of the puzzle that goes into this amazing Estate Cabernet. Enjoy…the blog and hopefully the wine as well. You won’t be dissappointed.

hola nicaragua

The strength of photography lies in its ability to evoke a sense of humanity. If it is used well, it is a powerful ancedote in the war aganist all injustices.

Well the countdown has begun before our Nicaragua trip. I have mentioned the trip to many of you and thought I’d explain more here. 

I recently saw a movie called ‘War Photographer’; a documentary about a photographer who has made it his life’s work to expose global injustices of war and poverty. His words resonated with my long-range aspirations in photography.  “My goal  is to create images that are powerful enough to overcome the deluding effects of mass media and shake people up from their indifference.” – James Nachtwey  In the words of my husband, “Once people know, how can they look the other way?”

In two weeks, we will be traveling to a small village in the center of Nicaragua. During this trip, I will be visiting and photographing the people that live in these smaller surrounding villages. I am humbeled to be taking my camera into such conditions and hope that I can use my images to increase awareness and hope. It is times like these when I am reminded how small our world is and it is far too easy to close the door; close our minds off to the world that we do not see everyday.

Some of my images will be aiding Clínica Verde , a non-profit creating an environmentally sustainable prototype for a health clinic in Nicaragua that can be replicated throughout the world.  Find out more here: 

Upon our return we will be hosting some fundraising events at Clark-Claudon this summer. The first event is a cycling event:Wildflowers & Wine Ride, leaving from the Clark-Claudon ranch and ending in an awesome Napa Valley picnic. Please join us.

For about ten years my family has been involved with this small  village in Nicaragua. They have helped to build homes, a park & baseball feild as well as help in the local schools and  the clinic. They have funded multiple children to go to school including many girls into university. ( A goal far too often un-attainable in a poverty-striken area.) One particular girl has gone from a shack with black plastic for walls, all the way to university. This spring we will visit her in a ‘real’ home with her husband and new baby. All proceeds from this event will go to students in such dire situations. It is so easy to make a life-changing impact; I give kudos to all who are choosing to do so.

I look forward to sharing the images with you and thank you in advance for any involvement you care to have.

If you would like to help by sponsoring a child or donating to ClinicaVerde, please contact me., or go to

There’s a time for sharing


Thank you all for the tremendous outpouring of kind words and compliments about my new website and shows. In case you haven’t heard. There’s one more reception coming up tomorrow at Alan’s Studio on Main in St. Helena from 4-7pm. Open to the public – open studio, refreshments & treats. There will be fine art for purchase as well as a showing of recent works.  Please join us!

Tim Polk writes more in his blogspot about food & wine: Every Meal a Feast.  Thanks for the plug Tim!