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{fall joys} lifestyle children’s portraiture . napa valley


.things to do on a crisp fall day…

….. 11. go outside . breathe deeply

12.. run into the arms of someone you love

13. explore & discover the beauty around you

14. hold the hands & swing bravely high into the air


thank you little Noe for bringing us out into a crisp fall day; I enjoyed every moment!

{life flows on} family photography . napa

Such a privileged to watch my wedding clients become families – adding just a bit more joy to the world.  This beautiful momma was one of my brides just two years ago. That day her sister stood by her side and now they will embrace the joys of parenthood together!

{the joy of a boy} Napa Valley Children’s Photography

This little guy gave us a lot to smile about this weekend! He was off & exploring his world & eager to share his adventures with us. Here’s a sneek peek of a few that caught my eye… enjoy!

{gott kids} st. helena children’s photography

energy . spunk . sweetness & a sense of humor…these three have them all. always a delight to photograph ! now adding the lab puppy…that was just too much. ADORABLE!

*view slideshow to see what I mean! *

{two little stars} . children’s photography . st.helena

I’ve been photographing these kids for three years and I can’t believe how much they have grown & blossomed …they are truly unique, wonderful little people. As a  photographer it is always my goal to strike the balance between my style and their personality shinning through. I think these images achieve that balance. What do you think?

{brakesman . griffin families} summit lake vineyards . napa valley family photography

* view slideshow *

It was a beautiful fall morning when I got to hang out with the Griffin & Brakesman families…in awe of their beautiful smiles & fun-loving spirit! More to come soon…

more of the beautiful Brakesman family to come soon…

{mcgrath familly} 3 Stones Ranch

the mcgrath family came out to 3 stones ranch on an amazing fall day.what a delightful day…not sure who had more fun; the kids or the adults!

* view slideshow * love this new song I just found!

* view slideshow *

{layland family . st. helena . family portraits} Hello Fall!

These two gorgeous girls met autumn with a smile! Their spunk & wonder were a delight to photograph. Their family photo in the vineyards may be a new personal fav! Enjoy!

*View Entire Slideshow* layland1layland2layland3

*View Entire Slideshow*

{The Davies Family . St. Helena Family Photography}

These three boys were a delight to work with…all with different wonderful personalities and their passion for exploration…a fantastic reminder for us all.The newest baby was a joy…celebrating his sixth months of life on this day! How lucky am I to help celebrate such days.

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Davies3Davies1*View complete slideshow! *

{ammons family} . meadowood . napa valley reserve . st. helena

What a delightful family! We have the pleasure of wandering the grounds of Meadowood & Napa Valley Reserve enjoying the fruits of Napa Valley. Finally we headed out to a golden meadow to catch the last of the gorgeous light on a particularly beautiful Napa Valley evening. Images like these just make me smile…I hope you do too!

{view complete slideshow! }

Ammons_-7 Ammons_-27 Ammons_-39 Ammons_-63 Ammons_-111 Ammons_-132 Ammons_-144 Ammons_-103 Ammons_-150 Ammons_-155 Ammons_-218 Ammons_-222 Ammons_-238 Ammons_-266 Ammons_-277 Ammons_-282 Ammons_-264

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{Will & Family . Napa Valley }

* View Slideshow * You can’t help but smile when you look at this little guy’s face. It was such a pleasure to spend an afternoon with a boy like Will…eager to explore, imagine & quick to laughter. You see…you could say photography is just a good excuse to hang out with cool cats like Will!  Photography is also a good excuse for me to romp in the vineyards, play with light & color & look at the world through a little ones eyse. Not too shabby!

Oh…and have I mentioned how much I love this time of year? Daylight savings has brought that beautiful light a little farther into the evening and the colors…wow…don’t take my word for it…take a peak at the slideshow to see some amazing mustard color.  Enjoy! augustine_-18augustine_-71augustine_-77augustine_-149augustine_-166augustine_-199augustine_-215


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{Baby Lail . 4 mos}

Beautiful Boy… *View Slideshow*lail-50lail-59lail-109lail-63lail-205Chelsea, my new intern took this beautiful one of Moma and baby Lail!

Check back soon to see the slideshow!



* View Slideshow*lail-6

Doors are now…


Are you intrested in…

a. renting studio space…awesome natural light & a whole-lotta lights.

b. children’s & maternity portraits

c. fine art photography

Well…if you awnsered yes to any of the above questions…then you’ll be thrilled to hear that I now have yummy studio space minutes from downtown St. Helena. (3111 N. St. Helena Hwy. ) 

Contact me if you are intrested. 707.965.2294 or

Justin 9.6.08

Justin…first year in Kindergarten…brand new running shoes…and a smile that is  definitley contagious. Thanks for sharing your positive energy & a good game of tag! You’re it Justin!