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{simple truths} Natural Lifestyle Children’s Photography

Simple truths. This incredible time in your life is fleeting. The moments are vivid and the emotions are pure. There is nothing like it and once it is gone you will have these. Images. Images of the simple life that once was. When they were babes and you shared little moments. Moments like these. mahon

{someone is a big sister! } newborn & children photography . napa

I first met this beautiful family when their daughter was born. Now, she is a joyful big sister ready to be a helper when she is not dancing and modeling mom’s shoes! I could seriously photograph her all day. Her spunk and joy are just too fun!  But her new little brother is giving the camera a bit of competition with those dark soulful eyes and sweet little cheeks! How fun are these early days!?

{Winter Sunshine} Natural Lifestyle Family Portraits

Meet this beautiful family. We met the sunrise on a gorgeous winter morning and discovered a  few things.  Chilly winter mornings cause serious runny noses. Pulling wagons bring out big smiles. Trampolines make everyone happy. And this family loves each other very much.  Oh…and I love my job. I discover that last one each and every time I go out and shoot.


{afternoon joys} lifestyle family portraits . yountville


These two adorable children are always such a joy! I was cracking up when little L was trying to out pose his big sister and when she boldly marched through tall grasses to be the first to the river. (Don’t let her sweet face fool you – she is one competent adventuresome little girl..that’s my kind of client!) We enjoyed an absolutely beautiful Napa Valley evening & explored to find some great locations. Our fantastic shoot was completed by dinner with both our families such a delight!

{…and then there were children} family portraits . sonoma

One of the best parts of having friends is sharing parenthood with them. These two families gathered for a family vacation in Sonoma and their children are all super fun ages of exploration & wonder…let alone some pretty darn cute expressions!

{sunset in the vines} napa valley . lifestyle family photography

It is always an honor to be contacted by another professional photographer to shoot their images so I was thrilled when Kendra let me know that she was traveling from the East Coast & would like to incorporate some photos into their family vacation. We spent a lovely evening (albeit a bit buggy) letting her son wander & discover.  This little one cracked me up – he has a sense of humor that would put most adults to shame & he kept me smiling the entire shoot. It won’t be long until the next little one joins her big brother running through the vines. I will be sure to save some dirtballs for you little guy! xo

If you are local to NJ- be sure to check out Kendra’s beautiful work:

{simple summer pleasures} lifestyle family portraits . napa valley

As is often the case, once again the line between  friends & clients has become very fuzzy. When I see these images, I have joyful memories of the rope swing, frog pond, dancing grasses & family giggles. It’s only when I really focus do I remember that I was responsible for taking these images. It would be easy for me to forget and feel like I was  simply a member of this pleasant summer evening.

{smiling little one} St. Helena Children’s Portraits

Last time I photographed this little one, he was merely an adorable bump in his mama’s belly. Now he’s a moving, smiling, hilarious little guy! Enjoy the images!

{3 reasons to smile} napa valley children’s photography

{what if…} save the date – October 3, 2010

As you know, photography is not only my business but my passion. Once in a while, I am afforded the opportunity to use my passion to assist non-profits making positive changes.

Please view the ‘Save the Date’ to an auction supporting an extraordinary cause and consider joining us for an amazing night.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Solage . Calistoga, California

Clinica Verde’s first Napa Valley Auction


Hosted by U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua Robert C. Callahan

Special Address by Dick Grace


What if you could change one life.

Would YOU?

{the joy of a boy} Napa Valley Children’s Photography

This little guy gave us a lot to smile about this weekend! He was off & exploring his world & eager to share his adventures with us. Here’s a sneek peek of a few that caught my eye… enjoy!

{for the love of friends} sneek peek

These three families have been friends for years and their children have grown up together like siblings. It is always such a pleasure for me to work with them… here’s a sneek peek of each of their beautiful children. 

{baby winston…sneak peek} st. helena children’s photography

more to come of this adorable little guy but as I was editing, these few caught my eye…

{The Davies Family . St. Helena Family Photography}

These three boys were a delight to work with…all with different wonderful personalities and their passion for exploration…a fantastic reminder for us all.The newest baby was a joy…celebrating his sixth months of life on this day! How lucky am I to help celebrate such days.

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{the girls!} st.helena . children’s photography

Spending time with these girls is always a delight…can they get any cuter?!?!

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