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{simple truths} Natural Lifestyle Children’s Photography

Simple truths. This incredible time in your life is fleeting. The moments are vivid and the emotions are pure. There is nothing like it and once it is gone you will have these. Images. Images of the simple life that once was. When they were babes and you shared little moments. Moments like these. mahon

{Kim + Frank are Married! } Auberge Du Soleil Wedding . Napa Valley, CA

I was touched by this wedding. Not only a beautiful couple uniting, but also two beautiful little girls gaining a mother who is incredibly sweet, patient and kind!  I adored watching Kim & Frank together the comfort of old friends and a love that was honest & sweet. Congratulations!!







{Winter Sunshine} Natural Lifestyle Family Portraits

Meet this beautiful family. We met the sunrise on a gorgeous winter morning and discovered a  few things.  Chilly winter mornings cause serious runny noses. Pulling wagons bring out big smiles. Trampolines make everyone happy. And this family loves each other very much.  Oh…and I love my job. I discover that last one each and every time I go out and shoot.


{simple summer pleasures} lifestyle family portraits . napa valley

As is often the case, once again the line between  friends & clients has become very fuzzy. When I see these images, I have joyful memories of the rope swing, frog pond, dancing grasses & family giggles. It’s only when I really focus do I remember that I was responsible for taking these images. It would be easy for me to forget and feel like I was  simply a member of this pleasant summer evening.

{all terrain wine transport} lifestyle commercial shoot |clif family wines

Light streaming through the trees, laughter filling the air, & the sweet aroma of roasting s’mores teases the senses. It may sound like a typical day at base camp but this idyllic scene was carefully crafted to introduce you to the newest addition to your outdoor gear list. Clif Family’s Climber Pouch is an environmentally friendly way to bring their tasty juice on any adventure.

Here are some of the images that we created on this beautiful evening:

Gary of Clif Bar / Clif Bar Family Wines stopped by on his ride to check out our shoot & check out the Climber pouch on his bike.

{and here i am} Guatemala – Constru Casa


Here I am in Guatemala – it’s been so crazy this last month fund-raising & planning for this trip that it feels surreal to finally be here with my feet planted firmly on Guatemalan soil. I am touched by the instant warm welcome we received by both the Constru Casa folks as well as each an every person we pass along our travels. Everywhere we venture out we are greeted with warm, “Buenos Dias, Buenos Tardes or a simple Hola”.

Many people gently stroke Trevor’s hair and he often receives compliments on his light hair and blue eyes. (much to his confusion).

Brandon is slowing building the confidence to speak some Spanish and yet the  language of futbol has proven to be universal. The boys carry their ball where ever they go and easily make friends as they begin playing.

We spent the first few days visiting the Constru Casa work sites, towns that they are helping & seeing the schools, women center & homes that they are hard at work building. In addition, we were invited to share in the celebration of a volunteer’s hard work & departure as well as a new women’s center open to families. The volunteers that we have met come from as far as Holland, Spain, France, London, and the United States.  In our spare time we have walked every inch of Antigua and I have enjoyed shooting the colors and flavor of the Guatemalan culture.  It all has been a joyful whirlwind and today we decided to stay home to catch our breath before an intense week of shooting, traveling & home construction.

The people we have met are warm & lovely. They take nothing for granted and make use of everything. Overall, we are humbled and inspired by their grace and ability to adapt in difficult conditions. Yesterday, Brian was floored when we saw an elderly woman carrying two large cement cinder blocks on her head and then asked someone to hand her a third…to carry down a steep slope in bare feet. I know many young fit woman who couldn’t come close to her strength. The blocks she carried were foundations of her son’s new home. Blocks that would prevent the home from sliding  down the steep hill during the next heavy rains.

I am eager to witness more of these construction projects next week & my boys are ready to assist. I can’t wait.

Many more images to come…

{christie & john} solage calistoga wedding photography

You may remember this fun couple from their engagement shoot this past summer! Take this couple’s awesome energy, the modern & beautiful palette of Solage & the fantastic creativity of Duncan Reyes, and this is what you get:

Venue: Solage Calistoga

Design & Coordination: Duncan Reyes

DJ – Randy Harris

Lighting: Got Light

Florals: Asiel Design

Hair & Makeup- The Powder Room

Cake: Patisserie Angelica

String Quartet: Eloquence Strings

Officiant: Kimberly Thompson

{Kim & Sam} Auberge Napa Valley Wedding Photography

A beautiful fall day brought together true friends, true love & an afternoon devoted to celebration. Kim & Sam have been through a great deal together and through it all they had each other.  It was during this time that they realized that their life contained joy, found in the other. It was my pleasure & honor to document this joy & their love.

{Jami & Adam} Solage Calistoga Wedding

Jami + Adam’s wedding was one of simple beauty, close friends & generous love…lots of generous love!

Venue: Solage Calistoga

Flowers: Pat Friday . Friday Flowers

{i smile…sneak peek} destination wedding photography . cline cellars . sonoma

Today I smile… I smile  because I may love the image that I’m editing, but it’s more than that. I remember the joy of the moment when the image was taken:  love, laughter & magic.  And then I smile again…because, if viewing that image brings these emotions back for me, as a photographer, then I can only hope it will do the same for them.

These two made me smile all day.  Here’s a sneak peek of a few images from their amazingly beautiful day. I imagine that you’ll smile too.

it’s been released! {Signature Sasha }

Celebrity wedding planner, Sasha Souza has released her gorgeous wedding design book! I was thrilled to find out that there are multiple pages featuring my photography. As usual, everything Sasha does is amazing and this book lives up to her reputation.  The book, Signature Sasha: Magnificent Weddings by Design, is a stunning, hard cover wedding design book featuring beautiful photography of all aspects of wedding design including never before seen Sasha Souza Events real weddings. Plus…every book ordered through their website will come signed to the purchaser! Check out the official website for more details regarding the book and Sasha Souza Events.

I’ll be picking up my copy tomorrow and will post more photos soon!

{Dawn,Toby & Baby Lexi}

Toby & Dawn have welcomed a beautiful little baby girl into their lives…congratulations! 


foreman-63But first…let us rewind a bit…

Dawn was a the epitomy of the radiating pregnant woman…she looked georgeous! I am always honored when a woman wants me to photograph this amazing time in her life .


and then there were three… welcome to the world baby Lexiforeman-65




{Will & Family . Napa Valley }

* View Slideshow * You can’t help but smile when you look at this little guy’s face. It was such a pleasure to spend an afternoon with a boy like Will…eager to explore, imagine & quick to laughter. You see…you could say photography is just a good excuse to hang out with cool cats like Will!  Photography is also a good excuse for me to romp in the vineyards, play with light & color & look at the world through a little ones eyse. Not too shabby!

Oh…and have I mentioned how much I love this time of year? Daylight savings has brought that beautiful light a little farther into the evening and the colors…wow…don’t take my word for it…take a peak at the slideshow to see some amazing mustard color.  Enjoy! augustine_-18augustine_-71augustine_-77augustine_-149augustine_-166augustine_-199augustine_-215


*View Slideshow*

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie  (Thanks Laura for bringing this quote to my attention)0h4p7963-2

I love this quote…and looking over my December images brings my gratitude to the surface. Thank you parents for bringing me into your lives. Thank you children for allowing me in a little further. You make me smile. You make me laugh & you inspire me to do great work. Oh…did I utter “work”…I suppose it is work. Hmmm…Thank you for making it feel like it is not ‘work’! 0h4p7977

Did I mention that I was really busy during December…no? Well… the proof is in the pudding. Or in this case, the proof is in the slideshow. There were just too many amazing faces to blog them all, so I decided to share them in a little slideshow. The second half is still coming…more adorable faces coming soon.


{Laura & Shawn . Solage . 10.11.08}

Laura & Shawn created a beautiful day for their friends & family at Solage Resort in Calistoga. Even the pooch got to attend the celebration. (Note: Solage is very dog-friendly!) We snuck off to some vineyards with views of the Palisades for a private couple portrait session. Thank you to my assistant Jennifer for some amazing shots! We wish you the best Laura & Shawn…you two are the best!

I’m trying out a new way to post images…thumbnails so I can insert more photos into the blog. What do you think…bigger and less is more or Many & More