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{ olsen family } calistoga . ca

One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer is getting to know and becoming friends with my clients. You may remember this beautiful wedding from a couple of years ago: Since then we’ve kept in touch and I was thrilled to hear that they would be visiting this summer. Since I last saw them, they’ve welcomed another beautiful addition to their family! Our families enjoyed a lovely summer evening and we captured some of these images.



{ Dominican Republic & Haiti on Film }

Last month when our family traveled to Dominican Republic to photograph for Una Vida ( a non-profit working to help the impoverished in rural Dominican Republic & Haiti), I shot some personal work of the many rich, wonderful and intense experiences. There are many more to come but here’s some of my favorites from the film batch. All shot on Contax 645 | Fuji Pro 400 & Porta

{kate + david are married!} geyserville . ca

Kate and David are perfect for each other – the kind of perfect that makes me want to believe in soul mates. From the moment that they first contacted me, I knew it was going to be a joy to work with them. I absolutely LOVED their philosophy of wedding planning…so much so, that I may need to quote Kate here:” I keep trying to focus on the wedding as a process, not just an end-state, and by that I mean, I want to enjoy each planning trip, interactions with each talented artisan such as yourself, and the process of learning to make decisions together and working together as a couple.  The engagement photo session not only resulted in AMAZING photos that we will cherish forever, but also an evening of fun, sunshine, and good company – discovering new parts of Napa and new things about each other.”


Design & Coordination: Stephanie Cole | A Dream Wedding

Caterer: Elaine Bell Catering

Music : AMS

Cake: Da Bombe Cake Co.

Florals: Fleurs de France

{bags are packed…} photo philanthropy in dominican republic & haiti

As you read this, we are boarding a plane off for our next adventure. It has been a whirlwind preparing for this trip but we are so excited to be visiting the Dominican Republic and Haiti and working with Una Vida. What in the world are we doing there, you may ask…

PhotoPhilanthropy: Promoting positive Social Change . One Photo at a Time

There are a whole bunch of good people throughout the world that are doing good things…really good things like providing education, healthcare & homes to children in need. But unless someone shares powerful imagery of their good deeds, the goodness isn’t spread and those good people struggle sharing their story and bringing in the resources to continue their efforts.
That’s where I come in.
As a photographer, I am constantly looking for avenues to use my passion to make a difference. I am eager to travel the globe documenting powerful social change in action. To meet that goal I have partnered with PhotoPhilanthropy and work with Non-Profits around the world. It is quite simple actually…I take photos of the non-profit in action and then they can use those image for their social media, marketing, story-telling etc.

I am currently traveling to help Una Vida- a non-profit inspiring hope & change for impoverished women in Haiti & Dominican Republic.

I’ll be posting more of my journey and images as soon as I return.

Thanks for all of you who donated to help cover some of our travel expenses…it means the world to us!



{choo choos, dancing + tickles} family + children’s photography

It’s all we need to bring out some smiles? (Choo Choos, dancing and some tickles…right?) It made me smile! I love getting to know new families and discovering their children’s amazing little personalities. It’s such a treat to photograph  as they grow. Meeting these happy faces for the first time is always special…as if I am writing the first pages of their story…

{summer days} family + children photography . st. helena

I love it when children start out just a bit shy and within no time they are giggling and having fun. It’s those time when the best photos are taken – authentic, sweet, silly and joyous! Thank you for giving me the gift of being the one who gets to witness & document these fleeting moments!

{Shu-En + Brian} San Francisco Engagement Session

Shu-En and Brian planned ahead and decided it would be fantastic to have their engagement session in San Francisco- where they are now living.  They decided for the genuine San Francisco experience…well, they got it! It was a cold, windy, foggy afternoon! The good news is this…Shu-En and Brian are completely in love and a little breeze didn’t deter them.  I love it when my clients go with the flow and know how to bust out the laughter in any situation!


{ joe + kelly} napa valley engagement photography

From the moment I met this couple, I was smiling! They have a way about them that is incredibly sweet and funny! They are a pleasure to photograph because the joy and energy that you see in these images is all theirs! Can’t wait for their wedding this summer!

{Oh boy} children + family photography

You may remember this beautiful family when they were patiently waiting for this little one to arrive! ‘Moments of Three’

And now he has arrived! A beautiful little boy with stunning blue eyes, a cheerful smile and an adoring big sister. These are the days…

{Katherine + James are Married…again!} Anniversary Shoot . Auberge Du Soleil

When Katherine first contacted me for a photo shoot, I quickly realized what an important weekend this was for them. With five years married, two kids and a busy life as doctors- a weekend away meant the world. To document the experience they decided to have a little 5 year anniversary celebration photographed. I love any time when people slow down to enjoy each other and show their love! I love it even more when I am fortunate enough to document that love! 


{Danielle + Torrey} Intimate Wedding . Calistoga

Danielle & Torrey had everything they needed for the perfect little wedding- close family, gorgeous location & a whole lotta love!  It was a special afternoon spent enjoying each other and the gorgeous surroundings. I love that during one shoot we could enjoy an orange orchard, redwood forest, meadow & grapevines!  During our portraits they were even greeted by two beautiful horses. Can’t get much better!



{baby sister is here!} newborn photography . calistoga

{ Istanbul . Turkey } captivating sights + rich culture

As many of you know I have renewed my secret love affair with film and this trip was the perfect opportunity to flirt a little. Istanbul was an amazing city; a rich history &  the current culture blend chaotically yet poetically. Here’s just a glimpse of the result.

Most images shot on Contax . Fuji 400


{growing up} St. Helena Children & Family Photography

I met this beautiful young girl when she was just weeks old. A couple of years later, her handsome brother arrived and they became a family. I’ve always loved her fiery spirit, passionate intelligence and grace. Her brother has followed in her bright footsteps and brings his own sweetness balanced with drive. I remember when they were younger; the photo shoots would involve a great deal of chasing, laughing and a wee bit of artful distraction. Last week I felt that they each have come into their own and I was able to see a glimpse of the people that they will one day become.

As a photographer, I am a storyteller. On days like these, I simply get to hold up a mirror and the children tell their own story…and its a beautiful thing.

{jen + tim} anniversary portraits

About a year ago this adorable couple and I had a fantastic photo shoot prior to their wedding. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to shoot their wedding so we decided to photograph their one-year anniversary. I love these two!  In between passionate embraces they keep it light and fun and are constantly laughing together. Not only have they made it down one year…their family has grown. They have welcomed another little puppy into the family…and she’s adorable!  I look forward to watching these two as the navigate life together and share many more moments together!