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{bags are packed…} photo philanthropy in dominican republic & haiti

As you read this, we are boarding a plane off for our next adventure. It has been a whirlwind preparing for this trip but we are so excited to be visiting the Dominican Republic and Haiti and working with Una Vida. What in the world are we doing there, you may ask…

PhotoPhilanthropy: Promoting positive Social Change . One Photo at a Time

There are a whole bunch of good people throughout the world that are doing good things…really good things like providing education, healthcare & homes to children in need. But unless someone shares powerful imagery of their good deeds, the goodness isn’t spread and those good people struggle sharing their story and bringing in the resources to continue their efforts.
That’s where I come in.
As a photographer, I am constantly looking for avenues to use my passion to make a difference. I am eager to travel the globe documenting powerful social change in action. To meet that goal I have partnered with PhotoPhilanthropy and work with Non-Profits around the world. It is quite simple actually…I take photos of the non-profit in action and then they can use those image for their social media, marketing, story-telling etc.

I am currently traveling to help Una Vida- a non-profit inspiring hope & change for impoverished women in Haiti & Dominican Republic.

I’ll be posting more of my journey and images as soon as I return.

Thanks for all of you who donated to help cover some of our travel expenses…it means the world to us!



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