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{Yanieska’s New Home} Can you help?


We have just returned from a quick visit and the house building project has begun!! The home site has been cleared, foundation begun and we are off to a great start.  We still need to raise another $3000 dollars to finish!  Any donation no matter how small will greatly be appreciated.  Yanieska and Norvin and their whole family are working on the construction and we were over joyed to see the energy going into the project.  The whole place was buzzing with enthusiasm.

Here are Yanieska, Norbin & Baby Laurie before ground breaking of the house.

My Son Brandon & his new friend break ground on the home.

Progress continues….

Want to help. Only $2500 away from completion!




Meet Yanieska. Ten years ago my parents met this sweet little girl living in horrid conditions. Since then, with their help, she has gone to school and now has become a mother. She still lives in a tiny town in rural Nicaragua with her new baby. At this point she really needs a home to provide a safe & stable place to raise her family.

One week from today, I’ll be traveling with my family to document a photo essay for Clinica Verde. While I am working, my parents, husband & boys will be getting started on Yanieska’s new home.

We could use some help. Any amount of donation will make a difference. Will you be a part of this positive change? Any little bit helps!

I look forward to sharing images of our experience upon our return.



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  1. What do you need?

    February 8, 2012
    • Money! 🙂

      February 8, 2012
      • Tom Clark #

        Extra ball caps of any sort are always a big hit…anyone that has extra, let me know…call Tom @484-4920…

        February 8, 2012
      • We need ball caps…anyone and everyone can give up a ball cap..they are a big hit in Nicaragua… Tom at 484-4920 and we will pick up…

        February 8, 2012

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