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{many more roads} personal

This past month as I’ve been challenged to some new & exciting projects, I  have realized something about myself. Early on in my career I remember a professor demanding that photographers will never make it unless the specialize. Focus. Narrow down the scope. I’d leave his lecture visualizing looking down a long road and the destination is perfectly clear.

There is just one problem. I’m not so sure that I want to go down just one path. I love the little tugs for me to wander to the left. The giant push for me to leap up to another hillside. The sweet breeze that catches my attention just long enough for me to notice something beautiful off to my right.

Focused?  Yes, I am… but narrowed? No, instead I feel as though I am stretching. Reaching. Widening my scope. I am inspired…and that inspiration breaths life into my dreams.

I’ve got many more roads to travel and the destination is so very far away…this journey is too much fun to even contemplate arrival.

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