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{Building Hope} Constru Casa . Guatemala . Photo Philanthropy

Today is a good day.

As many of my followers know, we spend a month in Guatemala last spring documenting for Constru Casa (a non-profit organization offering basic housing to families living in extreme poverty.) It is a story of success and one that needs to be told. BUILDING HOPE photo essay

This week I was able to put my work into action with the photo essay appearing on the Photo Philanthropy’s website. This morning I would love for you to enjoy this site ( and look at all of the essays). Please take a look at the good work people are doing around the world and the shinning photographers that are donating their time to tell these NGO’s story.  It is a brilliant way to begin the day!
Nancy Farese, Photo Philanthropy’s founder writes, “…engaging photographers to create high quality photography to inspire people in a variety of ways. We also believe in people’s interest in knowing more, in understanding better, in seeing the story, which can then lead to action and involvement. We believe we can make a difference by bringing these communities together for social change. We are excited to be part of this new movement, existing as it does in a universe of evolving media use, changing roles for photographers, and funding challenges for non-profits. In this universe also lies compassion ignited by a powerful image, the human drive to connect with others in need, and the generous act of giving of our talents to effect social cause. This is our universe, and we intend to make a difference. We encourage you to get involved with your camera, your intellect, your support. Join our movement.”

Since I began my photography career, it has been a goal of mine to have a strong philanthropic arm to my business and today I can see that goal is one step closer to being realized. One step at a time. One photo at a time.

Enjoy my photo essay. I hope it inspires you to get involved with a cause that speaks to you.

And thank you to all of you who helped us get to Guatemala; we couldn’t have done it without you!

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