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{nannete & bruce} calistoga ranch wedding

Nannete & Bruce had a very specific wedding day plan- to have fun! And believe me, fun was had by all.  With bright colors & lots of love & laughter…it was a wedding to remember! From Castello di Amorosa to Calistoga Ranch- the venues were exquisite, their smiles were frequent and they just kept surprising their guests!

Here, Nannete’s friend describes the weekend in full beautiful detail:

“Once upon a time in a magical land called Napa Valley, on a weather perfect weekend, there was a stunning couple whose constant smiles and laughter were only surpassed by the apparent love in their hearts.   And on this weekend they summoned their families, longtime friends and closest business partners…
The first night they assembled at an authentic Tuscan Castle , Castello di Amorosa. 5 towers, Church, Courtyard, Stables, 107 distinctive rooms, a drawbridge with moat, 8 levels, a dungeon and torture chamber, wine aging cellars in a grand barrel room and of course surrounded by a magnificent vineyard….

After castle tours and merriment, the guests joined the lord and lady in the Great Hall.  Seated in red velvet thrones at the head of long candle-lit tables, knights and maidens adorned the walls in storytelling murals of extraordinary size. Hundreds of glasses held flights of wine as each course was served. The evening crescendoed with an emotional performance by the Three Tenors of Napa.  They delivered long stem white roses to the ladies who swooned to their Italian love song serenades.


But wait, we are just now getting to the “event”.

On the opposite side of the valley, tucked away in the foothills is the Calistoga Ranch.  There the long awaited day was finally upon the bride and groom as he was replaced in his retreat by five giddy girlfriends starting bride prep at 10 a.m.   The crowd started arriving at five as they were ferried up the mountain side by six seater golf carts.  The groom and his male family members, all in white tuxes, led us across a bridge adorned with hundreds of brilliantly colored fresh flowers.  We found the outdoor wedding archways over looking the lake with a mountain panorama. Once again the lady guests in their finest evening attire escorted by their tux wearing sweeties gathered under parasols and waited to the sweet sounds of a string quartet. And then she arrived, her chariot was a cream colored Packard convertible. You could tell by the look on his face the dress was a complete surprise, dazzling emerald green. Time stood still as they exchanged their vows.  Our chests swelled with joyous emotion as tears filled our eyes.

Back to our carts and up the mountainside to the Wine Cave .  Candles and flowers made this unique structure fitting for our fairytale wedding party. As the photographer memorialized the joyous occasion, we shared Napa valleys finest wines and tasty tidbits while viewing a slide show of their first year together.   A transition was in play as the wedding site was transformed into an outdoor dinner party. After much toasting, family sentiment and fun stories we dined under the stars.

We followed Mr. and Mrs. Abrams back up the hill to the Wine Cave Disco complete with live band, unique wedding cake alcove and mall style photo booth. Guests made fun photos behind the curtain, mounted them on a scrapbook page, added guest type commentary and put them in an album for the happy couple to cherish always.   The festivities continued as all were delighted to surround the special couple with various forms of attempts at dancing, some were really, really great and some not so much HA but no one cared and Life was Good.

So now as our story comes to a close, the newlyweds are on their way to Hawaii for the honeymoon and the next chapter in their new life together. Our sole mates have a plan to treat every day as a new adventure. “

Wedding Planner: Stephanie Cole . A Dream Wedding

Rehearsal Dinner – Castello Di Amorosa

Wedding – Calistoga Ranch

Caterer: Elaine Bell / Calistoga Ranch

Florist: Fleurs de France

Make-up: Beauty Bar

Hair: Karen Echols

Transportation: Pure Luxury

Music: Angela Takeishi, WCPM&S, All Star Jukebox

Linens: La Tavola

Rentals: Classic Party Rentals

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