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{are you a “WEDDING” photographer} Q&A + myths debunked

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some questions that I am often asked.  I’m taking some liberty with the phrasing…you get the idea.

Q: So, are you a WEDDING photographer. I see a lot of other work on your site? I’ve been told that I need a photographer that specializes in only weddings.

A: Yes, I am a wedding photographer. I am also a portrait photographer, a travel photographer, an event photographer and I work for non-profits in developing countries. I freelance in commercial photography and play with vintage cameras, Polaroids & Holgas. I also shoot & sell stock photography. I am always confused by this question because if i answer yes, I only shoot weddings, does that make me a better wedding photographer? I find that my global experience with a myriad of personalities, lighting situations, subjects and environments has given me an immense set of ‘tricks & tools’ in my bag to draw from.  For example, after years of photographing children in natural situations, I’m confident that I can help that little ring bearer feel comfortable and smile naturally. I can also photograph your details of your wedding as though I would photograph a beautiful fine art piece.

In addition, I know for a fact that many wedding photographers have a limit. You rarely see a wedding photographer that has been photographing for 10+ years and still loves it. (My apologies if this is you…kudos!) Keeping my subjects & environments fresh feeds my creative spirit and helps my photography remain authentic. I love what I do. I adore my clients & am genuinely excited about photographing my next project;  be it a bride, a bottle, belly or b…b… hmmm… can’t think of any more ‘b’ words… worthy cause.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Thoughts? Please leave a comment. Thanks!

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