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{ featured } children’s books that give back

While in Guatemala, I had the pleasure of meeting Jeffrey j. Maciejewski, a university professor & children’s author. He has written a delightful story and 100% of the proceeds benefit charity.

Today, he was kind enough to share a bit of my experience:
Big Bunny Worshop : Photographer Connects…

Here, a bit more about Big Bunny Workshop:

“As an educator and as a father of two young children, educating kids is important to me. That’ s why I founded Big Bunny Workshop: To raise money to help children. Because I believe that  educating children is one of the surest ways to improve their lives and to eliminate global poverty, I donate 100 percent of the profits from sales of Big Bunny Workshop books to projects that provide children with the kind of education that can change their lives forever; projects like the “Garden of Love” in Santa Maria de Jesus a short drive from La Antigua, Guatemala…. more…

So calling all Easter Bunnies…this would be a fantastic gift for your little bunnies. 100% of the proceeds goes to charity!




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  1. ¡Muchas gracias! Briana! The children of Santa Maria de Jesus thank you, too!

    April 20, 2011

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