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{a girl} Guatemala

“If you educate a boy, you’re educating an individual. You educate a girl, and you’re educating an entire village.”

–African proverb as referenced by Greg Mortenson in Three Cups of Tea

One of the reasons that I choose Constru Casa is the depth & breadth that they reach people in Guatemala. Not only have they built hundreds of homes, but they give resources to schools, community centers, women’s education services, special education centers and much more. I am touched again and again by the drive & warmth of the local organizations partnering to truly take a holistic approach to the challenges that exist here in Guatemala. I am especially touched by any and all effort to educate young girls; helping them to gain knowledge, confidence & become leaders in their communities.

Today’s adventure led us to a small town where local educators and families took it upon themselves to build a school that now reaches 300+ students. Constru Casa has helped them build new classrooms and hopes to complete the school within the year.

Current Classrooms in need of re-building. ( Notice dirt floors, no windows, corrugated metal walls patched with scrap metal & boards.)

One of the new Classrooms built by Constu Casa – Clean, Solid Dry Floors, Light, Plenty of Space

educated girls & happy girls = a brighter future for his community !

Thank you Constu Casa !

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  1. Jaymee Hardgrove #

    This makes me happy! Education is a powerful thing, thanks for sharing the photos.

    March 1, 2011
  2. thank you! Just a typo.

    March 5, 2011

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