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{albums} Q & A

I’ve been thrilled that lately so many of my couples are choosing to have me custom design their wedding & baby albums. BUT…many of you have questions so I thought I’d answer a few of them here.

Q. Approximately how many photos should we select?

A. It depends on the album you choose, but around 100 is a great start.

Q. What is the selection process? How does it work?

A. Again, it depends on the album you choose, but I will narrow your images down to approximately 150+ images when I create your slide show & blog post. So, if you loved those photos, you can ask me to design the album with those images and you are all set. Alternatively, if you would like to select the images yourself, you can go to your storefront and click the ‘stars’ and thus create a grouping of your favorites. Once you have selected your favorites, you can simply email me and I can access that group on my end.

Q. Once I select the images, what is the next step? How long does it take?

A. We will design a custom album for you using your selected images. Then we will email you a link so you can view the mockup online. At this point, you are allowed to give two rounds of suggestions & revisions before we get to the final proof. Once you sign off on the final proof, fill out the order form & provide payment, the album will take 4-6 weeks to be made.
Q. I really can’t make up my mind of which images to choose on a computer screen. Is there another option?

YES! Many of my clients elect to print proof prints of their wedding images and then make their choice by looking through actual photos. This process is a bit easier for some people PLUS you get to have prints of your ENTIRE wedding. You can use these images to give to family & friends, make your own wedding book or put in frames.  The cost of printing prints is much less expensive than printing ‘CUSTOM’ prints because I do not assure that every print is ‘perfect’. Proof prints have a small white border on the edges.

Q. What are the album choices?

Every album is made from rich, smooth, heavyweight fine art paper and fabric. Choose from over 18 elegant Japanese bookbinding fabrics and Swiss ribbons. All of the albums are simple, unique and elegantly designed to highlight your images. Please allow 8-10 weeks during the summer season.


  • THE CYPRESS – A classic album with photos custom mounted into matted pages & includes a presentation box to store & protect the album.
  • THE IRIS – A unique, flush-mounted album offering modern design and elegance.
  • THE’C’ Album – A delicate library bound album with photos mounted to the pages


  • A hardbound coffee table book featuring your images printed in a modern, professionally designed layout.
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  1. carriefrederick #

    Well Done Briana! Very helpful and informative! Great looking albums!!


    October 8, 2010

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