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{deeply rooted}

waiting for images to export; my mind wanders…here is my ramble.

I once heard a wonderful quote…something to the effect of,  “without being deeply rooted, one cannot grow new branches”. Not sure of the exact quote and if anyone knows, I would love to be corrected.

As for me, I love the art of wandering, discovering and exploring. As I sift through recent images from our destination shoots, I get giddy with images fresh & new to my eyes and heart. Then with a strong need to stretch and breath some fresh air, I stroll outside. The breeze gently lifts the leaves and embraces them for a moment before they glide back down. Songbirds call to their loved ones and I glance down at my toes…feeling the childish innocence of being tickeled by cool grass.

I feel rooted. I love my home and my roots in this valley are deep and  supported. Ah, it is good to leave. Ah, it is good to return home.

Here is an image from my travels; feeling the earth beneath my toes…graced with the ocean.

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  1. changered #

    This is such a beautiful picture =) I loved how you described what that quote meant to you.
    For me, it’s something similar too. Like if you know who you are- you can keep growing into new things without fear or hesitation.
    Loves it.

    Keep Updating!

    Ruku x

    July 22, 2010

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