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{almost ten years}

A friend recently asked me how Brian proposed and since part of my job is to celebrate love, I thought I’d share the story:

My husband and I are celebrating our ten year anniversary in a couple of months. I must stay that he thought of a pretty amazing way to propose, so I thought I’d share it with you.
A friday night and he surprises me with a spontaneous camping trip to the coast. We dropped off at my parents house to drop off our dog and he ran into their house to ask a quick question. I later learned that he asked for my hand…right then!
We had a sweet night camping on the beach and the next morning went kayaking in Jenner. It was one of those amazing California coast days…cool, clear and brilliant blue skies. At one point, he asked if we could practice our eskimo rolls (when you roll the kayak under water and flip back up). So he rolls under and doesn’t come back up. I wait and wait and start to get panicky. Suddenly he gives me the sign for needing help and pats his boat. I paddle over and offer the bow of my boat. He pulls himself up and has a HUGE grin on his face. I begin to yell at him for taking so long and freaking me out but then I saw his hand. He was holding a ring tied to a string that was attached to his life jacket!!! (Under water he had been pulling it out from his life jacket pocket).
He went on to say some pretty amazing things, ending in asking if I would spend my life with his. I couldn’t say yes fast enough though my pounding heart and tears.

my guy

It’s been ten years and he still keeps me on my toes…pulling crazy adventures out of no where. It still drives me crazy but I really couldn’t be happier!
Oh… and he still needs to work on that eskimo roll!!

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