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thank you…fall confession and plea for patience

I know some of you are waiting patiently for your imagea and I I just wanted to post to let everyone that during this time of year I appreciate your patience!  Every year my business grows in leaps and bounds. This year, has been no exception. Fall is the craziest time of year for me and my business. I’m finishing wedding season, shooting commercial client’s harvest & bottle shots, shooting some amazing Napa Valley events and I am trying to whip out all the summer weddings edits. It is also a busy time with Holiday portraits, album designs & holiday cards being ordered. In addition, the annual auction design & photography  business has begun! Hmmm…do I sound a bit buried?

I am so amazed and thankful about the love, support and excitement my clients, friends & family have for my work. I value my work and quality more than you may know, so it is hugely important to me that my clients receive my best quality, and sadly, that just takes time. So…once again…thank you and please… know that your work will arrive soon and with my personal stamp of approval…I promise!

In addition,  I may be slower than normal during this time of year returning emails and phone calls, but I assure you all, I am working my bootie off to get all caught up!

Currently, I am (almost) booked  through November and have a few spaces in December, so if you still want to book a holiday portrait…please contact me asap!

I do appreciate all your love, patience and kindness!0H4P7175

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