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{Wenny & Todd} Kunde Winery – Kenwood Wedding

When Wenny contacted me eight months ago…I just knew this was going to be a fun wedding. For her smiles come easily & she and Todd know how to laugh. I can’t tell you how many images of them cracking up I have! They wanted the photos to be fun so along with my norm, we decided to go for a little photo session in the boxing ring. I must say…that is a first for me! I love it…my couples just continue to keep it fresh!

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Wenny&Todd_B Wenny&Todd_B-4 Wenny&Todd_B-3 Wenny&Todd_B-5 Wenny&Todd_B-6 Wenny&Todd_B-8 Wenny&Todd_B-10 Wenny&Todd_B-12 Wenny&Todd_B-14 Wenny&Todd_B-15 Wenny&Todd_B-18 Wenny&Todd_B-19 Wenny&Todd_B-23 Wenny&Todd_B-26 Wenny&Todd_B-27 Wenny&Todd_B-28Wenny&Todd_B-30 Wenny&Todd_B-31 Wenny&Todd_B-33 Wenny&Todd_B-32 Wenny&Todd_B-34 Wenny&Todd_B-35 Wenny&Todd_B-36 Wenny&Todd_B-37 Wenny&Todd_B-41 Wenny&Todd_B-39 Wenny&Todd_B-42 Wenny&Todd_B-43

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  1. Alicia Hooks #

    Brianna, I absolutely love looking at your pictures. This wedding looks amazing, such a beautiful couple. Keep posting your work so we can enjoy them. =)

    June 5, 2010

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