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{Susie & Chad . Sonoma}

Susie & Chad are hilarious! Ok…had to get that out! These two and their friends kept us on our toes all day. When Susie told me that there was 26 people in their wedding party, my first thought was…”oh boy…high maintenance”. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Susie and Chad were cool as  cucumbers and once I met all 26 of them I could honestly understand…Susie and Chad HAD to be surrounded by these people. They were all so fun and a made the day what it was!

Oh…and did I mention that is was around 105 degrees that day. Didn’t cool the fun at this wedding one bit! Oh, and don’t ask about the toilets…it was Brian’s idea. Now, seriously…how many of you have matching toilet pics in YOUR wedding album!?

****View the SLIDESHOW…Turn up your Volume!******

The Fantastic Crew:
Coordinator : Jennifer Bowman-Waterman / Caterer: Melons / DJ: DF Fox / Florist: Paloma Bowman

“Chad is cool…”Susie&Chad_-34

“Susie is beautiful…”Susie&Chad_-155 Susie&Chad_-64 Susie&Chad_-87 Susie&Chad_-240 Susie&Chad_-288 Susie&Chad_-543 Susie&Chad_-516


my fav of the day:Susie&Chad_-936 Susie&Chad_-934

****View the SLIDESHOW…Turn up your Volume!******

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  1. Katie Madeley #

    This was amazing!!! The day was totally captured as well as their love! Very moving:)

    July 20, 2009
    • Thanks Katie! It’s easy to capture joy & love when there is so much of it! Thanks for your kind words.

      July 20, 2009
  2. That was FANTASTIC! I loved every single photo. What a cute couple too! I’d love to come to Napa in the Fall and work a wedding with you. Just did my cousin’s wedding this weekend. I’ll let you know when I post the photos. I’ll e.mail you regarding a trip out there in the Fall. All my best! Miss you!

    July 20, 2009

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