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{new year … new you…new me? hmmm.}

ok… bear with me…a little low on sleep and high on life…it could lead to an intresting blog ramble… err…I mean post.

The New Year gives us a chance to reflect on the past and plan for the future… re-invent oneself right? Well, in my Yoga class last night, our amazing Jodi brought up a wonderful point. Yes, it may be good to take a gaze towards yesterday and a glance toward tomorrow but what we have…what we truly have,  is this moment…right here… right now. The New Year’s ‘re-inventing oneself’  is really just a mindset and what we do with that mindset is where the power comes.   I couldn’t agreee more Jodi. And in this moment, we can decide if we want to make a positive choice…for ourselves, for our loved ones… for those who are struggling in this world.  It is our choice…we have the ultimate power. Sound lofty? Yeah…probably…but what’s stopping us? I have this great quote on my fridge… “Nothing is more powerful to propel or defeat you than the thoughts in your head.” I like it.

I have to chuckle at the gazillions of advertisers that are reaching down deep into our egos, our pocketbooks & our self-conscious thoughts trying to fill us up this time of year. Fill me up Toyota…Dell…Banana Republic…   hmmm? It didn’t work…we tried that last year didn’t we?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help myself right now…my optomism is overflowing…maybe because I feel that if we aren’t optomistic, what are we? Maybe because the alternative is just too dark.  Maybe because I know that I’ve seen amazing things happen when people “point positive”.  ( It’s something I learned when I used to white water kayak…when you are going downstream rapids, you always point your boat towards the direction you want to go. In addition, if you are lead, you use your paddle to point ‘positive’…point towards the line they are supposed to take.) If that isn’t an amazing metaphor for life! Always look towards the positive way you want to go and help your friends to do the same for themselves. hmm… now that’s a good new year’s resolution.

Personally, I have a variety of resolutions; some petty, some grand…most revolve around increasing organization in an era when we have too many gadgets to help us. Oh, don’t get me wrong…I’m not above it all…I do love my new Blackberry. But I want to decrease screentime, increase facetime, decrease sitting, increase moving, thinking & reading. Most of all; I want to inspire & be inspired. I just know it’s going to be an amazing year. I have some awesome weddings with really special people coming up & some wonderful clients who continually let me know how important they are to me & vice-versa…what could be better?

Oh and I have lofty plans…I can’ t wait for some amazing destination weddings and more opportunities for non-profit photography in this wide world.

So that’s the challenge I suppose…to balance lofty goals with being here in the moment. Right here. Right now. Ahhhhh… lens-practice-12-of-55-edit-copyprayerflaglens-practice-6-of-55-copy hmm…well… thanks for being here with me. I’m eager to share more images & ideas in 2009. 

I leave you with some backyard photography…since we’re in the Zen mood…

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