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Thankful for…

cool nights & warm snuggles

friends that seem to always know when to call

people with an open mind & desire to look for the good

couples who let me be a witness to their love

kids who strut their stuff and get crazy when the camera is out

 my new favorite artist: Brett Dennen

and on a sad note… My good friend & assistant Jennifer is taking her beautiful family back to her homeland of Australia. It’s been a great ride and I will surely miss her.  I am thankful for her dynamic assistance on weddings,  moral support, never-ending ego boosts & friendship. We are already scheming on getting across the world to work together again. Thank you Jen! Here are some images of her & her beautiful family that I took a while ago. I know my son will miss her daughter as well…his first crush at age 5. 🙂

and a new fav image….


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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  1. novice101 #

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Briana!

    It is good to have one day in a year designated for the expression of gratefulness. We do not have one here in Malaysia. So wise of Abraham Lincoln!

    The world would be less chaotic, it would be a more peaceful place if each one of us has the awareness in him that there are plenty for which he should be thankful for.

    To remind myself of my good fortune, I have drawn up a list for my daily expression of giving thanks. I have an equally long list of things to be thankful for.

    Let us continue to be grateful as it makes us a more balanced and contented person and it gives us serenity.

    November 27, 2008

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