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{Tell us more about you…}

Isn’t that a tough question? Some of my work was recently accepted into a publication and the editor wanted to know a bit more about me. (I’ll give more details about the publication once it  goes to print.”) They gave me a variety of questions…thought I’d share my response:
I am a photographer and I am a mother…the two seem inseparable at times. Both challenging my inner drive, inner child & the ability to balance it all.. I think that deep down I always knew that I would be a photographer, but becoming a mother gave me an excuse to look at life with the freshness and wonder of a young spirit and find joy in the details…looking past the obvious, to know someone deeper, to trust my instincts, and to push the boundaries of what I am able to do with my life.
I have never been published and I suppose it’s one of my guilty secrets that I have always hoped I could some day. Maybe it’s vanity…maybe it’s the possibility that if someone else puts my work in print, then just maybe, it will make me real. 
My hobbies are anything that brings me outside…kayaking, yoga, biking, backpacking & travel. I find that as I get older, my desire to travel has become more intense; a profound longing to feel connected to others in this world. Lately a list-topper has been just going exploring with my boys in the forest. I think all therapy should begin with a hike in the woods with small children…puts life in perspective. Oh, I have many bad habits…though most pretty tame in the grand scheme….I love  staying up late,potato chips, bad dance music & a great margarita. Add good friends to the occasion and I set!
I am most proud of the fact that while I juggle many things as a business owner & a parent…my boys still have contests of who loves me more. Once they are tucked in tightly for bed, I look forward to my work. I can’t imagine a life of feeling the drudgery of work each & every day. I am so proud that I have created a life that I can enjoy living.
I shoot many things and sometimes it is for joy, sometimes for money and on a good day it is both.

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  1. Laura Stoner-Plunkett #

    Congratulations on being published! You absolutely deserve it!!!

    November 10, 2008
  2. hi brianna,
    we met at the jose villa workshop….just stopping by your blog to say ‘hello’. i love this post about being proud of being a business owner and parent. amen to that!
    be well!

    November 17, 2008

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