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Slippy-Slides…Confession #2

Ok…I think I chicken’d out on confession #1…we’ll have to come back to that one. Meanwhile, here’s confession #2. I’m house sitting / plant waterig for a good friend while they are away this week. My boys played in the yard while I soaked up the warm sun and let the cool water splash on my bare feet. And then I saw it…a colorful plastic pile… I couldn’t help myself. It was just asking to be blown up, spread out and doused with that cool water. Needless to say, it didn’t take too much convincing my boys to join me. Within minutes we all were slip-sliding along.  I loved the college guys expression as he drove by looking at me sliding through the water, squeling like my 2 year old. Life is too short. Gotta take those moments when they arise.

Confession #2… I always loved slippy slides. Sorry Wendy…hope you don’t mind….your plants got watered as well.

Here are the boys before we hit the water.


Here is your first hint on Confession #1.

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