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A New Friend – Arkenstone Vineyards & Winery

In between the hussle of weddings and the giggles of children, I occasionally take some commerical work. Living in this valley challenges commerical work to be anything but boring, lifeless studio work. Most recently I’ve been working with Arkenstone Vineyards & Winery, documenting their cave & winery construction as well as the surrounding vineyards & natural land. During our first visit to the property, the owner told me stories of a local coyote that visits occasionally in the evenings. So, last night, after multiple visits, he finally make his presence known and we had a nice little visit. He watched as I crawled through the vines, hiked throughout the property and never took his eyes off of me.


The project they are working on has done a fabulous job protecting the natural world around the vineyards. I commend them as well for building the majority of the construction underground so as to not disturb the above natural beauty. More pictures to come soon….meanwhile, our little friend. Arkenstone Coyote

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  1. Dyuisen #

    Hi Brianna

    am photographer and chef too

    i like you vineyard photo. nice work.

    July 1, 2010

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