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How do you do it? A day in the life…Mama Photographer!

Ok…I was asked three times today. It’s the most common question that I get when people find out that my ‘day job’ is tackling two high energy boys ( ages 2 & 5). Here’s my best awnser…

I enjoy it…live it up…have a supportive family & don’t sleep a great deal. So far I’ve survived with no daycare. Childhood is too brief and I can take all of the doses of wonder I can get!

 A typical day today… I’ll try to leave out the boring details…

  • A run in the woods while my five year old Brandon leads me out on his bike…he’s the best trainer I’ve found.
  • An hour on the computer catching up on emails and print orders.
  • A visit to the lab, bless the employess there as they help me while my boys begin to lose patience.
  • A trip to the park where I visit with friends while the boys explore the joy of wet sand and cover themselves head to toe. Gotta love the joy of the simple things.
  • A visit to the Napa General Store to check on inventory. 
  • Lunch with friends along the Napa River; asian noodles for the mamas and a great spot for the munchkins to check out the baby ducks.
  • A visit to the studio to drop off frames for this weekend’s gallery opening.
  • During the drive home we alternated “Go Froggy” on tape with a few phone calls.
  • Cleaned up around the house  & packed for this weekend’s camping trip
  • Awnsered more emails; planning family’ wine (Clark-Claudon)’s new label.
  • Made dinner…
  • Played Jenga with a 2yr old…now that’s a practice in patience
  • Bath & Stories and then the little ones are down for the night
  • Visit with hubbie
  • To the computer….edit photos, read photo publications, email, and finally blog!
  • 1 am… Off to bed…tomorrow we’ve got gymnastics, catepillar hunting, a photo shoot and I’ve got two weddings to edit.

I love it. I’m a bit nuerotic at times, but wouldn’t trade it for a minute. I  so value my friends, can’t live with my fam & take all the goodness from my boys that I can. Photography gives me the opportunity to slow down and watch the amazing world in front of me.

Brandon exploring a near-by creek & Trevor making the most of a momma’s errands.

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