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“Details…it’s all about the details”

Joe Moller Events- Hall Rutherford Napa ValleyLast spring I had the priviledge of working with Pam Bastian & Allyson Taylor of Starz Entertainment in a series of over-the-top amazing events in the Napa Valley. One of their key concept & implementation gurus was Joe Moller of Joe Moller Events. I have one fond memory of Joe and I trying to grap “the” shot of the night while the skylight was a cobalt blue, and Joe’s color of the night, red, was heating up the place. As he methodically straightened the candles…he commented about the ‘details’. As a photographer, it was a pivotal learning moment. Every vendor on the day of an event puts so much thought into the ‘details’ to create a mosaic of sensory delight. As a photographer, it is my job to notice & exploit those details to their fullest potential. Sasha Souza echoed this point one wedding last summer when she pointed out the most minute of details in their perfection. And that is what makes these event planners stellar in their feild. When the details all come together in Castello di Amaraso - Napa Valleyperfection…it makes an event to remember.

I had the pleasure of seeing Pam, Allyson & Joe just last weekend and I hear his new site is up. Check out my pic of the Castello Di Amarosa on his home page.


Here are some more details from Sasha Souza: RiverHouse - Napa Valley 

and Joe Moller:

 Thanks to you both for makng my ‘job’ so much more intresting!

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