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how to throw a GREEN wedding

With the state of the planet on so many’s minds, it’s not surprising that more couples are considering ways to make their wedding day more environmentall conscious. Here are a few ideas to consider:
  • Go Local  – Food & flowers grown nearby require less transportation, support local farmers, and are fresher! Go organic…all the better! Take advantage of the decorating & tabletop items you have on hand.
  • Marry by Day – Exchange vows outdoors in the afternoon thus keeping electricity costs down. For an evening reception, consider using softly glowing soy or beeswax candles.
  • Think Small – Throw a more intimate event which requires fewer resources and thus less waste
  • Give Earth-Friendly Favors – Skip the throw-away trinkets for a donation in guests’ names to an organization that you support. Of if you like, try tiny potted herbs, tree seedlings or edible gifts such as fair-trade coffee   or organic chocolate
  • Save a Tree – Print invitations on recyled paper with soy based inks
  • Keep it Close – Try to find a location where you can hold the ceremony & reception without driving a long distance.
  • Pay it Back – Purchase carbon offsets from NativeEnergy, a vermont company that uses proceeds to fund cleaner, renewable-energy projects, such as wind farms. (You can even donate in guests names.)
  • Recycle  – Talk to your caterer to set up a plan to recyle bottles, cans & papergoods. Be creative, what else can be re-used? At our wedding, my husband (who is a potter), threw Raku pots which held beautiful orchids as centerpieces on the tables. When the night was over, each orchid in a personally made pot was a lovely gift for our bridal party.  Whether they do double duty or not, consider donating your blooms. Look into finding someone who can take your bouquets / arrangements to a local hospital, homeless shelter, non-profit office or a retirement home. 
  • Go all out – Dont’ think for a moment that to be green, you have to be boring.  ** Check out some photos from a faboulous Sasha Souza  Green Wedding ** and see here more info from Sasha on how to plan a Green Wedding. 

Online Resources:

Portions of this article were adapted from Martha Stewert Weddings &

Want more info? Tree Hugger’s Guide to Greening your Wedding.

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